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A bus parking game is a highly stripped down version of the bus driving genre, which mainly focuses on driving the bus through a busy street to a highlighted area. Contrary to the free roaming world in a bus driving game, a bus parking game focuses on a fixed area, comprising of the road, the area where it needs to be parked.

These genres of games are broadly classified according to how the bus is viewed. One is a two-dimensional top-down view of an obstacle course. There are plenty of games made in Flash on gaming websites that follow this genre. Another is the three dimensional bus parking games. It not only adds to the sense of depth, allowing you to view your bus at a full 360 degree angle in either one of the axes. Not only are they available online, but they can also be downloaded on smartphones as well. We shall discuss it in a moment.


First off, we briefly discuss the control schemes typical of bus parking games. A bus usually does not exceed the first gear speed, and hence turning around corners is easier. Brakes can also be applied as and when needed. All bus parking games follow a typical level based gameplay. Each level brings a level of difficulty depending on the following:

  • Time: The number of ratings gained in a level depends on how fast the objective has been completed.
  • Damage: Any damage caused to the bus, due to collision with obstacles, or vehicles, depletes the ratings earned in a level. Three collisions generally terminate the level.
  • Accuracy: After successful maneuvering through all hazards, the final and vital challenge is the placement of the bus. If it can be placed properly(parallel to the parking angle) then level ratings are awarded accordingly.
A hidden point system calculates all of the above to give either a perfect 3 star or as otherwise.

We now discuss the gameplay a bit from the following games: London Bus Parking 2 - This is one of the examples of an online Flash based top-down two dimensional parking game. There are levels of increasing difficulty that features signs of traffic. The traffic may not cause much of a hindrance, especially since they stop in front of the bus, moving only when their road in front of them is clear, but there is always a chance of hitting them as well.

Moving on to three dimensional games, we have: Busman Parking 3D - Moving on to three dimensional games, we have: Busman Parking 3D - This is an online Flash game with three dimensional environment. What makes it unique is the two key camera system. Pressing the Key 1(above the alphabet keys) gives a perspective view, whereas the Key 2 provides a top-down view. This leaves the gameplay totally towards parking rather than changing of camera angles.

Best Bus Parking 3D - This a downloadable game available for free on the Play Store for Android smartphones. It provides steering wheel and gas and brake pedals on the touchscreen at appropriate places without causing much hindrance in the viewing of the bus. It also has a one tap gear system which toggles between the 1st gear and the reverse gear. Touching and dragging anywhere else on the screen alters the camera view.