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Airport Bus Parking

if you like all bus games this is something really a treat and will be very special for you. So if you like driving big vehicles, then you have to try this Airport bus parking game. Where you need to learn how parking a bus in a very short time frame is done on an airport.

Driving and parking a bus sounds very easy right?
Well in this challenging bus game you will find out driving and parking a bus are two entirely different things of their own. As an airport bus driver it's your responsibility to guide the passengers safely from the planes that just have landed. You need to guide them to the right terminal so that they can easily pick up their bags and continue their journey. But before that you are allowed to pick up passengers in your shuttle airport bus. To do that you need to learn how to drive that kind of vehicle around. You need to drive your bus carefully around the airport as a real bus driver and use your controls to stay clear of the other vehicles and things that can be in your way.

Airport bus parking game contains many many good features which are bound to leave your jaws dropped while playing, things like Realistic airport shuttle bus driving , Traffic on the streets you need to, Interior Camera for the hard parking missions, Lots of different parking and driving situations will make you learn the ropes of being a real bus driver. If you like this game, you can also check the sequel which can be found on Airport Bus Parking 2 link.

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