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School Bus Parking Frenzy

This is the game which you should try if you want to experience how it looks like when you are driving a bus full with passengers. In this game your role is to drive the passengers to the desired destination. You will need to pick them from one station and drive them to another one to complete the level. The levels may be pretty intense and in these situations your bus driving skills will be essential to complete the level. Use the arrow keys to steer the bus and drive carefully. Try to not hit the bus in some other objects or vehicles because you will lose the level if you damage the bus too much. There are 10 exciting levels which you will need to pass through to complete the game. This game is not time limited, but it is important to deliver the passengers on time because they will late for work if you did not manage to complete your task. Do not quit if you not manage to complete the levels from the first attempt. Show some dedication and complete the game which is not really a hard task because we know that you possess the right driving skills needed for this game.

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