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Euro Soccer Bus Parking

Nowadays, parking is crucial at every stage, especially when you have to park such a big and strong bus filled with your supporters and players and when the time is not on your side. Make use of your driver skills and park in the right place marked by the game developers. Euro Soccer Bus Parking is a bus parking challenge game that is made up of 11 levels, where you will take the role of a skilled driver whose is driving a team coach bus and whose task is to bring the top soccer team to the stadium just in time for their next match. The task is not as easy as it looks. Driving your soccer team to the important football matches where almost every important person will be present is an important task. Parking the bus in the highlighted spot in order to avoid blocking the road is equally important too. You have to be on time, otherwise, your team fans will become very angry and you could even lose their support. You have to be super speedy and you might even catch a few glimpses of the soccer match and feel the atmosphere of the championship.

The player has to follow the arrows on the road while driving the bus and has to get it parked in the highlighted parking zones. To do so, the player has to use the arrow keys to park the soccer bus.

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