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Busman Parking 3D

We know that you love to drive a bus very much, but you must firstly learn how to safely park the bus because it is large in size and you may cause a real mess in traffic. Well, this game is the right simulation and you will surely learn the basics how to properly drive and park a long bus. You will also need to learn to do it quickly because nobody can wait you for hours. Right from the start of the game you will need to fallow the arrows to reach the parking spot which is marked yellow. You should park the bus in that parking spot in the proper direction. You may need to park the bus in pretty narrow places, but do not worry you will overcome that very quickly. Use the arrow keys to steer the bus, space for braking and 1, and 2 numbers to change the camera view. For best results, try to not bang the bus in other buses or obstacles. There are many levels which will bring you some exciting and well spent time. Be the best you can be!

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