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Winter Bus Driver 2

We know that you have played many different bus driving games, but have you tried to drive a bus on in winter? The roads are covered with snow and the driving of the bus is pretty harder because you can easily lose control of the bus if you are driving too fast. The main task is easy to be guessed. You will need to deliver the passengers from one bus station to another. You will need to take care to not damage the bus to much because it plays a really essential role for this small town. There are 20 levels which you will need to complete to prove yourself as a skilled bus driver which cannot be stopped by the weather. Use arrow keys to steer the bus and space for braking when it is needed. The total score at the end will be the perfect indicator of how much successful you were during your one day adventure with the bus. We hope that you will like this game just like the others and you will have a great time spent on our website.

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