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Airport Bus Parking 3

Airport Bus Parking 3 is a beautiful game with a nice storyline. This flash game is truly very interesting and at the same time unique to play. The key story of this game is to drive a bus from airport maintaining utmost safety. Previously, there are several bus parking games, and every time safe bus drive is the only criterion. In this game, the player also needs to be very careful about the proper bus driving and at the same time maintain the safety of the passengers on the bus. This game depicts truly very interesting bus driving. As a player, it is your responsibility to drive the bus from the airport with utmost safety. The passengers of the bus want to take the airplane waiting for them.

Now it is your responsibility to take them to the airplane safely. The distance is not very long neither it is very short. You just need to apply all your skill to succeed in your mission. While driving the bus, you need to be very careful, because you should not hit any other thing while driving through the way. As a player, you should maintain the time limit to complete each level of the game. Be careful of the maze created by the aircraft and vehicles, and take care of the passengers. For an experienced player this game is one of the most interesting games, and for a new player, this game is an absolutely new game with so much fun to enjoy. In a word, through this game, you can check your ability as a driver.

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