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School Bus Driver

You have a new job! You are hired as a school bus driver and you will need to show your best skills but also you will take care to drive safely because you will drive kids to school and that is pretty responsible job. Because you are new in this job section, you will reach the destination by following the arrows in front of you. You will need to pick up the kids from some station and drive them to their school on time and safe. Every level has some time limit. Take care to finish the level before this time expires because the kids will be late for school. Do not break the traffic rules and you will manage to finish the level completely. You will know exactly how much successful you were in certain level when you deliver the kids to school and the scoreboard shows up. Every next level may be slightly harder than the previous one, but this should not encourage you. Use the arrow keys to steer the bus and space to brake when it is needed. Test your driving skills right know!

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