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Winter Bus Driver

Are you ready for another very challenging task which will be very hard to complete? Well, for this game you will need to use your best driving skills if you want to complete it. Once again you will need to safely deliver the passenger on their destination on time. You should be very careful because in these winter and cold days the roads may be little slippery and you can easily damage the bus. If you want to win this game you will need to successfully complete 20 levels which become more and more intense and dangerous. Follow the arrow to reach the bus station on look at the mini-map placed in the bottom left corner on the screen. You will need to use the arrows to steer the bus and space for braking. Concentrate hard and you will not have any problems. Common mistakes which the players make are parking the bus in the wrong direction, not using the space key for braking, and rushing because they think this game is time limited. Take care about these few mistakes and enjoy playing this unique and exciting game. If you like this game you can also check the Winter Bus Driver 2 game.

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