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Bus Driver Weekdays 2

Everyone is talking about this city where nobody wants to drive a bus even when the salaries are extremely huge. This is happening because the traffic is real mess and it is really hard to drive through these streets without damaging the bus. You need money and you have decided to accept this job and earn as much as it is possible. So, your task is to pick the passengers from some bus station and deliver them to another. After you deliver them safely on their destination you will get paid. This game is very interesting because it perfect simulation of how bus driving looks like in real life. You will need to refill and repair your bus if it is damaged with your own earned money from the passengers. Follow the red arrow because it shows you where the bus stations are. Use the arrow keys or W, A, S, D keys to steer the bus and space for braking. If you bang other vehicles in front of the police you will have to pay the damage. Concentrate hard and enjoy playing this awesome bus driving game which you will hardly forget.

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