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Double City Bus 3D Parking

This is the game which you must try if you think that you are good enough to apply for some bus driving job. This game will be the perfect test for your skills. You will need to park the bus on the marked spot on time to win the level. Follow the directions given by the moving arrow on the screen and try to finish the level as fast as it is possible to earn three stars. There are many exciting levels and intense at the same time. Take care to not hit the bus in objects or building more than three times because you will lose the level and you will need to start from beginning. The controls are very simple. Use arrows to steer the bus and space for braking. What makes this game so exciting is the 3D graphics which makes the playing of this game one completely pleasant experience. So, color your bus with your favorite color and try to complete the game while driving on some narrow streets like a professional bus driver.

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