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Bus Parking World 2

Are you a fan of Bus Rides? Then enter the awesome 3D world of this amazing bus parking game. The game puts you in the seat of the driver instead of the passenger. This fun parking video game is where you can take a trip down the parking lot and find your parking space once again. The game features brand new challenges with more exciting stages and challenging scenarios that will put your driving skills and your patience to a very tough test. The game features more buses to drive and master. In this game, you will face 18 well-crafted levels and your main objective will be to take control of a bus and to drive it to its destination in a single piece. One of the most important things to remember is that you should follow the yellow arrows on the road and to stay alert at all times. Try not to cause any accidents. What is the best part about this game is the fact that it tests you in the parking of a heavy vehicle like a bus, which is the toughest element in the management of a transport.

Overcome your blind spots, try to expand your spatial awareness and get your steering wheel ready, make those tight turns and steep curves and overcome all the challenges. Finish all the stages and collect all achievement awards.

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