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Winter School Bus Parking

The winter has come earlier than it was expected. This is a huge problem for the vehicles and buses because the roads are not cleared yet and they are very slippery. They have decided to choose you to drive the bus and deliver the passengers safely on their destination. Everyone believes that you are the right person who will surely manage to finish the task without damaging the bus and causing other problems in the traffic. The levels may be little hard, but it is important to not rush and concentrate hard on the certain level. There are 15 levels which you will need to complete if you want to win this amazing and exciting game. Use the arrows to steer the bus and space for braking. Follow the arrows to reach the parking destination. The only advice which we can give you is to not rush. There is enough time to complete the level, just take care to deliver the passengers safely without some large scale damages on the bus. We will have to also mention that the other vehicles in traffic can hardly brake because of the slippery roads if you suddenly pass into their driving line and you will then damage the bus for sure.

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