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Do you possess the right driving skills to go out there in the traffic and have one very responsible job? Well, we can put that on test right now. Start playing this game and see how much successful you will be in parking large buses in narrow places where you will need to use your best skills to complete the task. We found one old parking lot full with old buses in which you will test your skills. All you should need to do is to follow the arrows and park the bus on the yellow spot. Be careful not to bang the bus in some other busses or obstacles like steel fences or old tires. Use arrows to steer the bus, space for braking and C key on keyboard for changing camera views. You may found yourself in pretty frustrating situations while you are steering the bus and that is why you will need to change the camera view and do few maneuvers to overcome the curve. Concentrate hard and you will not have any problem to complete this fun and addicting game.

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