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Parking a vehicle is an art. It requires lots of patience and skills to park the vehicle in the perfect lot. Every vehicle requires separate calculations in case of parking. Bus parking is different from other vehicle parking such as car, bike etc, since it is a larger vehicle and quite difficult to handle in real time. If you don't experience the opportunity to handle a heavy load vehicle, you can experience it now. Yes in this bus station parking game you can handle a bus. Your role in handling the bus is a driver. Your task is to park the bus perfectly.

To begin the game you need to slide the bus. Upon sliding the bus you can see different levels. You need to start parking by clicking level 1. Upon clearing some levels you can choose the level to play up to which you have cleared. According to the performance in parking the scores will be provided in the form of stars. Getting a start will help to clear the level. Unlike other parking games here the player can move other vehicles in the way of parking by sliding timer at the top right corner indicates the time taken by the player to park the bus. If the time is less then your score will be more and the star will also get increased.

The game is designed in the way considering the real word environment which has hurdles. Once you start parking you will be more interested to clear the levels and score more. Happy parking.

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