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London Bus Parking

Your role in this extremely exciting game is to drive one bus in London full with tourists. These tourists want to take a picture of the monuments and buildings around the streets and that is why you will need to stop on the yellow spots. Complete many different levels and prove yourself as an amazing bus driver and maybe your salary will be increased. The levels are time limited. This means that you should park the bus on the yellow spot before the time expires. However, you have a plenty of time because the destination is near. This means that you should not rush and you will not need to break the traffic rules. Take care to not bang any other vehicles or run over people because you will lose the level. Use the arrows to control the bus and space to brake. Start playing this amazing bus driving game and the score at the end will show how much successful you was. The levels may be pretty hard and you may find yourself in pretty dangerous situations where only your driving skills will save you from banging other cars. Start playing this game and experience the situations which we mentioned above on your own. Check the second version of the game at London Bus 2.

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