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Park Your Double Decker

Well, from this day you are hired as a bus driver which will need to deliver the passengers to their destination on time. This task is very challenging, but we all know that you have the right skills to successfully finish this game. You may find yourself in pretty frustrating situations when you will need to pass through very narrow streets blocked by parked cars to reach your station which are full with passengers. However, concentrate hard on your task and you will not have any problems completing this game. Use the arrow keys to steer the bus and space for braking. Take care not to hit the passenger while you are parking the bus on the marked spot because you will lose the level. There are several levels which you will need to complete to win the game. The total score at the end of the game will be the indicator which shows how much successful you was. This is excellent game with unique graphics and sound effects which will surely help you to beat boredom quickly.

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