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Airport Bus Parking 2

Many people these days travel by plane and the number of passengers which choose to travel with airplanes are increasing. You are hired in one local airport to deliver the passengers on time before their plain leaves the airport. The task may seems little easy, but is not like that. You will need to act very fast and deliver the passengers before the time which is placed in the bottom right corner expires. Concentrate hard and you will not have any problems. You will need to care to not bang the bus in other airplanes, vehicles or some obstacles. Also do not run over passengers. Use the arrow keys to steer the bus and space for braking. This is the game in which your bus driving skills will be tested when you will need drive through many narrow places where every inch matters. There are several levels which you will need to complete in order to win the game, and some of them may be pretty intense. However, this game is very addicting and fun to play.

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