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School Bus License 3

Bus driving is a very responsible job and usually the bus drivers have pretty big salary. In this game you will find out why it is so responsible and how hard it is to get a driving license. Not everyone can become a bus driver. Only the most skilled ones will be able to win this game and get a bus driving license. You should not be scared. You will need to focus and carefully steer the bus. Use the arrows to steer the base and spacebar to brake. You will need to pass 17 driving tests. Every test will be time limited and you will need to react fast because you will lose. We have to warn you that the steering of the bus may be little difficult in the beginning, but how the tests passes by you will steer the bus with large improvement. Besides learning how to drive a bus, you will kill some boring time with this game for sure because it is pretty addicting. Impress the driving commissioner and do not give him a reason to not give you a bus driving license.

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