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School Bus Scramble

The school bus scramble is a flash game. The interesting part of the game is that anyone can play this game. There is no age barrier while playing the game. The game is sponsored by Smartkit. The game is full of challenges. And it is created by Andrew VanHeuklon. From the beginning of the game, you have to play the game with patience and intellect. Even the Smartkit has created a challenging game for the students of the class and their teachers. The complete game has five levels. These five levels are completely puzzling. Even if you are a newcomer, it is obvious that you have to play the game with minutely for a few times. Then you can understand the game. And can easily play it.

The above five levels contain good exercises and logic. Also, you need to play the game with an acute planning. The game is about the buses. One important thing about the game is that while playing the game, you can’t change the direction of intersections of the buses after the buses have started moving. Each bus can contain three groups of kids. And the main motto of the game is that each bus is bound to reach the school, even if the bus is empty. This game is a reflection of the back to school experience. Also, this is a puzzle game. And the aim of the puzzles is to take the bus from the street to the school. Truly school bus scramble is a fun game.

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