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School Bus Racing

In our lifetime, we have come across the yellow bus at least once either as a parent or as a student. School bus has its unique feature. It cannot be seen in other colors apart from yellow. The bus will be filled with the future generation. Racing is an adventurous area which makes everyone get thrilled. School bus racing games will provide the feel of both the school bus and the racing. Here the role of the player in this single player game is a driver come racer. The player will be driving the school bus on the track with some other school buses.

There are different levels in this racing game where the player needs to grab the first or second position to unlock the next level. The racing will get difficult upon reaching the higher level. The difficulty will get increased in case of turns. It will be easy if you follow the instructions given and have a better idea about the keys used to play. Hitting on the other vehicle will reduce the energy. The level of your energy and nos can be seen at the top right corner. The LAPS can be viewed at the left by which the player can know the number of laps he or she completed.

The arrow keys and the spacebar combination are used for racing. To know more about the usage of the keys and how to play have a look on the instructions page.

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