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School bus plays a different and necessary role in every kids life. School bus has its unique look. Every children has their own imagination of their school bus. This game helps the kiddos to show their imagination. School bus design is a game where you can build a school bus with your own imagination. The player is the designer of the bus.

Follow the simple instructions listed below to design your bus. Once you see the play button click on it. It will lead to a page with a bus and some parts of it. The palette in the left and right side consist of the external parts of bus which can be selected through a mouse click. The different structure of the selected part of the bus will be displayed on the top palette which on selecting will show the result on the bus. Yes!! the selected thing will be the part of your bus. The parts include, body, wheel, mirror, head, stickers, and the glass of doors and windows. On clicking each item you can find a number of items in the category on the top pallete. You can change the design as per your wish or you can try each one available in the pallete and can come to a conclusion. After designing your bus you can view the bus createed by you on the road. This can be by clicking show on the bottom of the page.

Don't wait Start designing and make your school bus from your imagination... Happy designing..

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