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Speed Bus

Well, this game will surely bring some fun. It is exciting and addicting at the same time. Your task is to neutralize some of the cars by banging them directly with your bus. However, you should maintain your speed in the indicated green range shown on your speedometer. If yours driving speed is outside from this range for only 5 seconds your bus will explode and you will lose the game. The terrorist who are driving in the black cars wants to destroy the city and that is why you will need to stop them before they make a complete mess. Focus on the road obstacles and cars and concentrate to control the speed. Do not bump in other cars because you will damage you bus and explode in worst cases. Use left and right arrow keys to steer, up arrow key to accelerate and down arrow key for braking. Every next level is harder than the previous one and your driving skills will be tested for sure. But, our we completely trust you and we are sure that you will manage to save the city.

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