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Rush Hour Bus

This small town has only one bus and plenty of passengers. That is why they need a very skillful driver which will deliver them on time for work. They city major have decided to give this important role because he thinks that you are the right person for this job. Do not disappoint him with bad results. Concentrate hard on your task and complete all the levels to win the game. Just be careful to not bang the bus in other obstacles or vehicles because you will damage the bus which is so essential for this small town. On the bottom right corner there is a map with a red indicator where you will need to pick or deliver the passengers. Use the arrow keys to steer and space for braking. We have to mention that the traffic may be real mess because everyone is rushing for some reason. That is why you will need to use your best driving skills. The red line placed on the bottom of the screen is indicator about how much your bus is damaged. We hope that it will remain red after you complete the level.

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