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The funniest game that you ever came across is here. The Indian games are the best when it comes to humor. You have to be in the bus and start being naughty. You have to tickle the woman standing in the bus and make sure that she does not realize that you are the one doing it. If you get caught, then you will get a slap on your face. Three slaps will get you thrown out of the bus. If you do it without anyone noticing, then the person standing in the back of the woman will get a slap. The more slaps on his face will get him thrown out of the bus.

After its departure, the new passenger comes in and you have to do the same again. As more passengers get thrown out the woman becomes more and more vigilant so you have to make sure that no one realizes what you are doing. The woman changes her face continuously and you tickle her when she is not looking at your side. The game is so much fun and simple to play. You will die laughing while playing the game. It is completely free and you do not have to pay for the fun. More than that it is available to play on different devices. The game is for the fun and you can release yourself from the tensions and depressions that you had to face the whole day. The game is real fun and entertainment.

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