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Fix My Double Decker Bus

Recently, there was a big crush in the traffic and one double decker was totally damaged and every possible part of the double decker was destroyed. You task in this game is to create another double decker and color him because the town needs it a lot. Many passengers do not own cars and the double decker is their only choice to go to their job places. This company has hired you because they trust in your skills and you will surely able to fix the situation and bring smile on many faces. You will need to use the mouse to place the every single part on their proper area. After that color the bus and make the bus looks absolutely amazing. You will have to act fast because there is a time limit. This game is different from the other bus games and without driving, but you will need to try this game in order to see from which different part a bus is made of. And, it is an extremely important thing, because everyone can have an accident and situations where the bus must be repaired fast.

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