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Everyone in their lifetime if travelled by bus will at least waited for 5 minutes for a bus. Waiting for a bus is hard for everyone unless or until one finds a right time pass. In the same way here in this game Joe is waiting for the bus. All you need to do is to help him to pass his time. Passing time may sound easy, but has its own level of difficulty. This game has different levels. Upon clearing one level you will allowed to the next level and so on. As the level increases the difficulty also gets increased.

Joe may get explode if he waits for a long time. All you need to do is to help him to get into the bus. But you need to help him to pass his time while waiting. You need to help him to move around with the help of mouse click. While making a move you need to be careful with the hurdles such as obstacles in the station, traffic, people and the timer. The blue, red and green line helps to make a proper move.

This know more about this 3-Dimensinal game watch the video walk-through. To know about the controls view the page how to play. The environment of the game changes in every level. The sound effect used in this game makes it more realistic. Since this game is calculative it requires concentration. It improves the concentration level and decision making capacity of each player who plays the game. Help Joe in waiting and make him happy without getting exploded.

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