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Zombus is a fun game where it depicts the fight against the zombies. There are several other games which show zombies. But Zombus is a different kind of bus game. You can customize the game through upgrades.

The game shows a bus fully packed with weapons, is trying to rescue the last destination of the human race. The story of the game includes the fight between the zombies and the team who is trying to rescue the human beings. A bloody fight is shown in the game. Obviously, when the game is about zombies, then there must be a horrible fight to show. Unique feature of this game is the animated portion of this game. The bus is actually a school bus. It has the capacity to crush the zombies. The game shows that the player has the opportunity to upgrade the weapons. You can upgrade the modern weapons, the shields. There are several tricks to escape the wild technique of the human saver team. You can increase your points when you save the survivors. Maximum number of survivors bring maximum number of points.

You can feel the courage and confidence while playing this game. Very few zombie games show such type of huge vehicle to kill the zombies. Even more interesting thing is that you can control the bus with a single key on the keyboard. Zombus is a game with adventure.

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