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Monster Bus

Monster Bus is a flash and exciting game. The main story of this game is about bus driving. Like the other bus driving game, it is also a casual game. The game contains five levels. Each level is different from another level. You can discover many new challenges in this game. Every level contains so many different challenges. And it is obvious that you need to finish the previous level before shifting to the next level. Every level in this game contains so many different challenges. From the beginning, so many interesting challenges you need to face. And if you are a newcomer then you have to keep your patience and need to use your intellect to play the game. The challenges of different level contain rocky hills and different roads. Honestly, you need to be very careful while driving the bumpy roads.

If you are a player, then you need to play the role of a bus driver. As a bus driver, you have to drive your bus to reach the destination. The color of your bus is yellow. As already stated you are the bus driver, so you need to drive the bus properly so that you can complete all kinds of challenges and can handle every difficult situation. You can reach the goal only after completing all the five levels. Your utmost care should be to see that you can proceed with the right move while facing the challenges of every level. A wrong move can be a cause of great difficulty because one wrong move will not allow you to proceed to the next level. So be patient and enjoy the game.

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