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Long Bus Racing

This is the game which you should try if you enjoy racing with long vehicles. Feel the adrenaline while you are racing against one extremely aggressive driver on these danger roads. The main goal is to reach the finish flag first. You bus has extremely powerful engine and it possess nitro boost. Use the arrow keys to balance the bus and Z for activating nitro boost. It is very important to balance the bus properly because you can flip over very easily because of the road which is pretty dangerous for driving. Collect the cash while you are driving in order to upgrade your bus later. Collect the small yellow circles also in order to refill your nitro boost which is very essential because you cannot win without him. It is very important to properly balance you bus and to land straight while you are in air in order to not lose speed. If you do not land properly you will lose speed and the opponent will pass your very quickly. However, we are sure that you have the right skills and knowledge and you will win this game for sure.

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