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Lax Shuttle Bus

In this game you need to drive a bus. The player in this game acts as a driver of a bus that provides service in the airport. The player needs to transport the passengers from a terminal to the flight. The player needs to pick the passengers from the terminal and drop them in the area where the flight of the passengers is. The job is so simple with pick up and drop service.

Click the play button to enter into the game. When you see the next window, click space-bar to start. Use arrow keys to drive your bus, in such a way the top arrow makes the bus to move forward, left to left direction, right to right direction and the backward arrow to the bus in reverse direction. Use space bar for the brake. Your first task is to pick the passengers from the terminal. The arrows in orange will indicate the direction you need to travel. You can use the map which is displayed in green as "show map" to search your destination. Once you reach the destination you need to stop in the area marked with yellow lines to pick. After picking the passengers you need to help them to reach their destination by following the same instructions. There are eight levels with 24 stars. On successful completion of the previous level the next level will get unlocked where the difficulty will be increased a bit from the previous one.

The design of the airport with moving vehicles will give you an adventurous driving experience. Don't wait to experience the experience.

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