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Last Hope Bus

Last hope bus is an interesting game. It is a flash game. The story of the game is about the rescue operations of the survivors from the clutches of the zombies. The game begins with the zombies will gather around you. And you have to drive a bus through the crowd of the zombies to save yourself and to rescue the survivors. One important feature of the game is that you have to upgrade the bus to increase the chances of your successful attempt to rescue the survivors around you. If you go through the complete story of the game, you can see that soldiers of a secret military experiment have turned into zombies. And that causes a big trouble for the country.

Now the number of the zombies is more than the numbers of the survivors. The game shows that some survivors are staying in the safe zone. But the important task is that you have to reach the safe zone alive to rescue the survivors. Most of the attempts to reach there by bus went in vain, and you are the last hope for the survivors. You have to play a few levels to complete the game. You have to park your bus safely in the clear zone so that the survivors can climb into the bus. Also, you have to bring them back to the zombie-free zone. After each successful level you can earn more money and can upgrade your bus; thus you can collect more points.

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