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Highway Bus Rampage Tour

Well, we must say that this game is one of the hardest to complete and every player who play this game will need to use his best driving skills in order to complete this game successfully. You will need to reach the final destination with this bus while driving in the opposite direction on a highway. That is a pretty hard task, duh? As we mentioned, you will need all of your driving knowledge and fast reactions and that is why high concentration is a must! The controls are very simple. You will need to maneuver the mouse on side in which you will need to drive. You will need to take care because this highway is full with obstacles and other vehicles. The main goal is to make the biggest possible score while driving in these extremely hard conditions. Also, try to pick up the superpowers in order to stay alive in this traffic mess. You can use this game to compare your driving skills with other friend by playing this game and comparing the result at the end.

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