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Super Team Rush Bowl is a single player game which deals with one of the major modes of transportation in our day to day life: The Bus. Buses are used by almost all the people who look for the cheapest and the best way of transportation. Here in the game, the player will experience the feeling of racing. There are different levels in this game where the completion of the first level will unlock the next level and so on. Different levels have different difficulty. In Bus Team Rush the player can experience the real world environment such as traffic while racing. The background environment and the sounds make it more interesting. All in all this is another peice of the great collection of games the bus driving games category has.

Simply use the arrow keys to play the game. The complete control depends on the arrow keys where the upper arrow helps to move forward and the side arrows to move left and right for changing the track in case of hurdles. To help you more shields, health and speed will appear during racing. Grabbing those will help you to complete the level and increase your score. Note that hitting other vehicles not only reduces your speed but also the life. So be careful and watch the vehicles while racing. A timer of 60 seconds is used. The limit you reach within the 60 seconds will be your score. Longer the distance you travel larger the score will be. The timer will be displayed in the left corner. The kilometers you have crossed and the life can be viewed on the right side. Use Help to know more. Happy Racing!!

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