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Bus controller is a funny game. This game is different from other common bus games. Bus controller is a flash game that reveals the strategy of clean and good transport system.

In this game the player has got a job. He has to manage the traffic of the buses in the city. The player will make sufficient space for the incoming and outgoing buses. He has to control all the lanes of the city so that he can put all the buses to the proper bus stop. The player needs to do this job steadily and quickly. After starting the game the number of buses will increase gradually and it will be difficult for the player to stop collision on the street.

The aim of the player is to collect and send the passengers to their proper destination. The interesting thing about this game is the exclamation mark. Exclamation marks warn the drivers of the buses when traffic is approaching. Another interesting thing about this game is to obey the traffic rules. So the player has to obey the rules, avoid car accidents and make sure to allot proper parking place for every bus.

Use the mouse to drag the selected bus and to put it into the right parking zone. Though the game name is bus controller, but you need to control other vehicles as well. To do the parking properly you need to left click on a bus which you want to park and then drag the mouse to draw a line which will guide the bus to its destination.

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