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Big Bus League

Everyone’s big dream is to join a Big Bus League. To stay a member in this game, you need to prove that you are undeniably the best hilly bus driver that the world has ever seen. You have to finish the Big Bus race as the first to move up to the next level. Performing front and back-flips help you to spare some time as you try to stay ahead in the competition. Big Bus League is another great Bus game where you race for the win while riding your huge bus. You will enter the racing tournament by driving a bad ass bus and out running and outmaneuvering your rivals. But be careful from rolling over. Use your bus’s big wheels to climb the steep hills in this side-scrolling racing game.

Big Bus is a side-scrolling racing game where you take control of a big wheeled huge school bus. You have to race against the other buses to be the first to reach the finish line. You have to control the bus with the arrow keys and try to make flips. By flipping the bus you will earn Nitro fuel that you can use for Nitro boost. A Nitro boost automatically starts when the Nitro meter is full.

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