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Bus Driver's Math

Bus Driver's Math is a very simple but impressive online flash game from the list of bus games. The concept of the game is very good and this game can be very much helpful for the kids because if you want to play this game you have to be fast in adding two numbers. Here you have to calculate whether the money given by the passenger is enough for riding the bus or not.

The game play is quite simple and you just have to install the flash player to play this game online. At the beginning you will be shown the instructions. In this game, for different types of passengers the bus fare is different. So you have to check every time whether they are paying the correct amount of fare or not. For every person you need to check that fare amount. If he or she pays the right price, then you have to select right or else you have to select the cross sign. Again you have to be fast in this case because if some person pay wrong amount of money and gets off from the bus then you will lose one of your lifes. If you fail three times in a level then you have start that level over again.

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